Fast Track Medical's MMI Book: Multiple Mini Interviews for UK Medical School

Over 300 Medical School Interview Questions Analysed and Answered

Fast Track Medical is established as a leader in MMI Interviews. This unique and most up to date MMI book is specific for UK Medical Schools on medical school interviews. It is a must for undergraduates, graduates, Oxbridge and international applicants.

Multiple Mini Interviews for UK Medical School: The Essential Guide to Multi Mini Interviews (MMI) contains detailed information on:

  • Ethical Dilemmas Role Playing Station
  • Personal Skills
  • Work Experience - includes the interview experiences of many successful candidates.
  • Prioritization Exercise Group Task Station, including the Golden Rules of Group Work
  • Video Critique  
  • Logic and reasoning
  • Data interpretation
  • And much more

More than 300 commonly asked interview questions are answered to ensure you are 100% prepared. These include Multi Mini Interview (MMI) stations and the two traditional stations.

Other topics covered in the book include:

  • Writing the perfect personal statement with 19 sample BMAT essays
  • Choosing the right medical school
  • The NHS
  • Current medical issues
  • Hot topics
  • Tackling awkward interview questions.

Multiple Mini Interviews for UK Medical School: The Essential Guide to Multi Mini Interviews (MMI) (ISBN NUMBER 9780992684617) is available for purchase through this website for £21.00 (includes postage & packaging) for orders shipped in the UK and Republic of Ireland only (Orders shipped to other countries can be purchased through the Amazon website). To order, please click on the PayPal button:

Alternatively, Multiple Mini Interviews for UK Medical School: The Essential Guide to Multi Mini Interviews (MMI) is also available for purchase via the Amazon website.


Student Reviews of Multiple Mini Interviews for UK Medical School: The Essential Guide to Multi Mini Interviews (MMI):

“I am an international student from Hong Kong. This book saved me months of research. It answered all my questions on MMI, ethical, NHS and all the changes. It is a must for all international students.”  Karl

“I was unsuccessful in all my interviews last year.  The book definitely helped me enormously to get me through the MMI. I have now got an offer from Leeds and Leicester.”  Emmen

“My biggest fear was the MMI especially the role plays. I had no idea what to expect. This book was amazing. It covered each MMI medical school interview what to expect at each station. I was delighted to get three offers. “  Ayesha

“It is a must if you are doing an MMI interviews. It covered each station for each medical school with answers and it taught me how to approach each station without panicking. I am going to Bristol.” Hassan

“I am an international student from Singapore and I would not have got my four offers without the book.  It answered all my most difficult questions about the NHS, ethical and the MMI stations.”  Ching

“I hate MMI and I didn’t realise I had applied to all MMI interviews. The book was my life safer. It showed me the technique for each station and I got three offers to my delight.”  Adriannu

“After reading the book I now realised why I didn’t get in last year. I just had no structure and could not handle the MMI interviews. I have got four offers. I am of to Birmingham.”  Shameena

“The book answered all my MMI questions from each of the stations especially all the examples of Role Plays and how to answer them. My biggest obstacle was the role play and it gave me huge confidence and helped me get an offer at St Georges which I wanted.”  Vijay

“This is definitely the one to use for your MMI interview. I have read all the books and this one definitely helped me to get all four offers. It covered all the stations, communication ethical and the awful role plays.”  Daniel

“It covered all the role plays. I had no idea how to approach the role plays and what to say. The book is perfect for MMI and it certainly helped me to talk for five minutes.”  Anushka

“I failed all four interviews last year. I had excellent grades but could not cope with the MMI interview. The book was a life saver. I got 3 offers and I am now of to Birmingham.” Ashwini

“The book dealt with all the tricky questions asked at Imperial and UCl. I got an offer from both.” Sarah

“The book had all the questions from each medical school over the last 3 years including the MMI. It was so useful to know the questions in advance and the guided answers. I got 4 offers. I am going to Manchester.”  Aaron

“It covered all the answer to questions I had no idea how to answer especially difficult ethical. I start at Kings in September.”  Alice

“It is the best MMI book around. It covers each station and tells you how to tackle the answers for each one. It also covered the different MMI for each medical school. I hate MMI and I didn’t realise I had applied to all 4 MMI interviews. The book was my life safer. It showed me the technique for each station and I got 4 offers to my delight.”  Yusuf

“It is a good clear and concise book. All the questions for my interview were covered.” Siobhain

“The book covers strategies to answer any question the interviewer asked me.  An excellent buy.” Rory

“This book showed me how to practice delivering good answers. It covered questions and answers to MMI questions which I just haven’t found from any other book. Recommend this book 100%.” Shanthi

“It tackled all the MMI stations for each Medical School I applied to. Definitely a 5 star rating.” Namita

“It goes straight into questions and answers. The MMI role plays were amazing. I would definitely recommend this book. It has all the questions and answers for each specific medical school. I wish I had bought this book earlier.” Josh

“This book helped me to change my approach about going into too much detail. It helped me to answer questions in a very organised way. It really increased my own confidence and performance. It’s the best book on medical school interviews that I have read.” Sukh

“It covered everything I needed to know especially those dreadful MMI.  I was very impressed.” Abigail
“I am on a gap year. I failed all my interviews last year. The booked changed all that. I have already 3 offers. Oxford here I come.”  Priyanki

“It certainly helped to structure my MMI interviews. It steered me in the right direction. It improved my performance. An excellent book.”  Fatima

“I didn’t get in last year after interview. I wish I had bought the book earlier. From the book I found out where I went wrong. Now I am off to UCL.”  Aisha

“It certainly taught the tricks of the MMI stations. Each station was analysed in detail and the book provided me with ways and tips how to talk for 5 minutes at an MMI station. I have got an offer for Queens Medical school.”   Rory

“ I dreaded the whole MMI. The book is absolutely brilliant for MMI. I had interviews at all MMI medical schools. I have got offers from Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol and Keele.”  Zamir

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