“Thank you for giving me my confidence back after 2 rejections. I found out from you where I went wrong and now I have two offers.”  Ruwalda

"Many thanks for a great course. It was well worth the money and has helped me get a place at Newcastle."  Chris

“An amazing one to one interview covering all the ethical scenarious and the MMI for St Georges gave me confidence to tackle any question.”  Aysher

"The course covered most of the questions I was asked at interview. It gave me so much confidence and I got offered a place at Nottingham."  Sofia

 “I finally found out where I went wrong last year. You taught me to be concise with my answers and I have now got 4 offers.”  Inaam

"The workshop was great and covered all the different ethical scenarios, clarified so much for me which came through at the Interview. I got a place at Kings College."  Tom

 “Last year I failed my four interviews. After your one to one course I discovered very quickly where I went wrong. I now have my four offers for Barts, Kings, Oxford and Imperial.”  Jamil

"The course gave me a realistic view of the interview and increased my confidence and medical knowledge. I got offers at Nottingham and Cardiff."  Max

“I did a group interview with another company which was useless. I came to you and all I wanted to do was talk about UCL and I have got my offer.  Many thanks for all your help.”  Shahzad

"It was great meeting other people in the same situation and the workshop was great. I got 3 offers."  Lizzie

 “All the questions you covered came up at my interview at UCL. I am over the moon with my offer.” Udith

"Thank you so much for a very useful day. The interview technique and all the information on the NHS was great. I got offered places at Imperial and Kings." Sarah

 “I regret not coming to you earlier. You gave me my confidence back and I got my offers. Many thanks for everything.”  Paresh

"I was dreading the course. I was so nervous as I didn’t know anyone doing the course. We got into groups of two and we had to introduce each other. The tutor was so friendly and I felt part of the group immediately. I had an amazing day. I got the opportunity to practice so many times. I came out full of knowledge and confident. I got into Manchester Medical School."  Tommy

 “I should have come to you last year. I had to take a gap year as I had no offer. Now I have got all four offers. You were amazing.”  Shanthi

"The course covered everything that came up at interview. There were a lot of questions on ethics and current medical issues which was great and I got offered 4 places. I have accepted Newcastle."  Emma

 “I can hardly believe it. I got an offer to Cambridge. Brilliant course.  I will tell all my friends about you.”  Zaffar

"When I went to your one day course I had not a clue about ethical issues or the different medical school interview styles, You covered so much in one day. It would have taken me weeks to cover it all. I got 3 offers and I am delighted to be going to St Georges Medical School."  Richard

 “I got my offer for Imperial. Thank you for all your help in that crucial interview.”  Deepesh

"First time round I only got called to one interview and I didn’t get in. After the course I realised where I went wrong. It was so useful. I got 3 offers and I am going to Imperial to study medicine."  Omar

“Thank you for all your encouragement and you stopped me from rambling. I have got UCL!”!  Saeed

"It was very intensive and we covered so much. The workshops were great and I felt relaxed. The trainer knew so much and had answers to all my questions. I got two offers and I have accepted Brighton and Sussex."  Olivia

"I went into the course feeling really nervous and apprehensive. Once we got into the group I started to enjoy myself. I had so many queries on how to answer questions. The tutors answered all my queries. They made me think for myself and helped me to argue my points. I got 3 offers and ended up going to Kings College. I wanted to be in London."   Sarah

 “Got rejected from 3 when I came to you. Only one left. I now know where I went wrong. Got me Imperial.  I will be sending my brother to you next year.”  Tharsica

"I finally found where I went wrong last year. All the practice sessions and discussions were extremely useful. I got three offers and I am going to Hull and York Medical School."  Joe

“Got offers from Nottingham, Oxford, Birmingham and UCL. Your mocks did the trick.” Nisa

"The whole day was great. All my questions were answered. Meeting the medical students was a great idea. They told us what it was like in their first two years and it made me more determined to get into Kings which I did."  Joshua

"A superb course. Helped me to sell myself. Almost all the questions I was asked at the interview were covered in the course. The sessions on ethics were very useful. I got 2 offers and I accepted Liverpool and I cannot wait to start." Mary

"I had not read the papers as I was studying for my January exams. It was like doing a crash course. The latest issues on the NHS and recent articles brought me up to date in no time. I got 4 offers and I am still deciding where to go." James.

"Thank you so much for a great day.  We covered a wide range of questions and answers. It was good to meet the two medical students. They told us was what it was like to be a medical student and what the interviews were like. I got 3 offers. Kings, Sheffield and Cardiff."  Greg

"Before the interview I didn’t have a clue about different medical schools or how to answer any of the questions. I learnt so much on the day and I made great friends, I got offers for UCL, Barts and Kings." Mark

"The course was incredible. It was a life saver. I had no idea how to do the role plays and the other MMI stations. The 3 hour Role Plays practice helped me to get all three interviews."
"The course was so intensive and covered all the stations . I found the afternoon section doing the role plays so useful. The techniques you taught me gave me confidence to do any MMI interview.  I got an offer at Nottingham, Birmingham and Bristol."
"I got  two offers at Kings and Sheffield. I will definitely recommend your course to all my friends."
"I did three different MMI Course and I can definitely say Marian  your course was the best. It was great you focussed on the specific medical schools and we did the stations relevant to that medical school. I loved the way you gave individual feedback after each role play."
"Covering all 10 stations was great. Observing the other students doing the role plays and giving us all individual feedback helped me so so much. Offers at Manchester, Leeds and UCL."

"Will strongly recommend your UCL and Imperial course. Got offers from both and now I have to decide which one. Many thanks."

"The best course. I was so scared of the MMI especially the role plays. It taught me techniques that was useful and thought me how to tackle any station."

"All the questions you covered came up. So delighted with my offers from Keele, Plymouth, and Leicester.  I have already recommended you to my two cousins."

"Found your UCL/Imperial course so invaluable and so professionally run. Got my offer at UCL.  Apart from one question everything you covered came up."  

"An amazing course. The best of all three MMI courses I did. Loved the fact that we could all get involved in MMI stations and learn how to do the role plays properly. Got all four offers!!!!!!"

"I did your UCL/Imperial course and it was perfect for me. Nearly all the questions came up. So pleased to have got an offer for Imperial."

"A big thank you. Got my offer for Cambridge. I can so delighted. A great course."

"Got my offer at UCL. Covering all the UCL questions and the ethical was just what I needed. I will recommend you to all my friends."

"I am so grateful to my friend for recommending your course.  Being able to practice all the stations in detail was fantastic. I found out where I went wrong last year. Got into Queens in Belfast, Leeds, Kings and Newcastle."

"Failed all four interviews last year! After doing your course got all four offers. The techniques and the confidence you gave me totally changed me. Thank you for believing in me and for all your support."

"After reading your book which I loved I decided to do your MMI course. The role plays was my biggest weakness and the practice and training how to do the perfect role plays gave me the confidence I so needed. Got my two offers."

"Your course was absolutely amazing. It was great we all had to get out their and do the role plays and all the stations was incredible. I learnt so much form observing others doing the role plays. Got offers from  Kings, Bristol and Nottingham."

"Excellent, there was plenty of opportunities to practice all the stations and get feedback. Strongly recommend to all my friends. OFFERS from Leeds, Kings and Queen Marys."

"On a gap year after failing four interviews last year. Now have three offers. I lost my confidence and after your course having the chance to experience different types of MMI stations and the detail on how to approach the stations was brilliant. Will definitely recommend you to all my friends."

"Got an offer at Imperial. Great course and most of all the questions we covered came up. It gave me such confidence after failing my Kings interview. I immediately realised where I went wrong. Many thanks."

"Loved the course. We all had excellent opportunity to practice all the stations with loads of feedback from you and other students.  Got an unconditional from Birmingham, Kings and Liverpool."

"The best course around. Covered each of the stations from last year for Kings, Sheffield and Bristol and I got offers from all three."


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